How to choose curtains

Curtains in a modern interior is not only an element that protects from sunlight and the attention of strangers. Depending on which curtains to choose, you can give the room a very different mood, make it really interesting. From our article you will learn how to choose the best curtains for your apartment or home. Designers learn a single year how to choose the right curtains for the interior. But not all of us have the means to hire a specialist, or there is a great desire to decorate the house ourselves.
Fortunately, each of us can fulfill the basic recommendations on how to choose curtains. To make the textiles on the windows pleasing to the eye and easy to care for (washing, ironing), when buying it, you need to pay attention to the material from which the curtains are made, their style and color. Let's try to understand each of these points.


The choice of fabric from which the curtains will be made depends, first of all, on whether the room where you hang them needs sun protection. In the case of the kitchen, this is completely optional. Organza, chiffon or veil will be enough here. In the living room, bedroom or children's curtains from these light fabrics are also useful, as they will help to visually expand the space in the room. But, so that in the summer morning, bright sunlight does not interfere with sleep, they will need to be supplemented with more dense curtains. For example, made of cotton, linen, silk, satin, brocade, jacquard and so on.
The material of the curtains should also depend on the area of ​​the room, as well as the height of the ceilings. So, in a small room with low ceilings it will become even closer if a curtain of dense, textured material (for example, velvet) appears in the window opening. A spacious room from such curtains will only benefit - they will give comfort.


The length of the curtains can be divided into two groups: long and shortened. The first reach almost to the floor, the second ends at the window sill or slightly lower. Shortened curtains look great in kitchens and other non-residential premises such as laundries, pantries and so on. It also looks great roller blinds. Long curtains traditionally find their place in living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms.
The number of layers in the curtains can also be different: from one to three to four. Multilayer curtains are often decorated with lambrequins. In some cases, curtains of asymmetric design are selected for the room. For example, one side may be longer than the other or more ornate.
For the interior in a classical style, where there are elements of stucco molding, gilding, antique furniture, multilayer curtains from several types of noble fabric: brocade or velvet will be a good option. They will give the interior completeness, and give the owners of the house and their guests the impression that they are actually in the family estate of noble gentlemen.

Curtains made of natural materials are suitable for a room in the Provence style. They can consist of one layer or several, and combine a fabric of a gentle pastel shade (beige, light pink and so on) and fabric with a floral pattern.

If you are wondering about how to choose curtains for the interior in the Scandinavian style, you are in luck - this style does not require design refinements. It is enough to hang single-layer curtains of cotton or linen here and, if necessary, supplement them with a plain tulle.

A high-tech room will become even more spectacular with single-layer curtains with a slight metallic sheen. They can be made of silk or synthetic materials. Solid organza curtains can make a pair of them.


In how to choose the color of the curtains, there are also a few tricks. Firstly, it is necessary to choose how active the curtains will be in the interior. If you want the curtains to successfully complement the interior, but not too conspicuous, you should opt for those that have a shade already used in the decoration materials of the room or in furniture. If, on the contrary, you need curtains that can become a bright accent, choose colors that contrast with the rest of the design.

If you still don’t know what color to choose the curtains, information about the effect of different colors on a person’s mood is useful.
If you need peace, the answer to the question “which curtains to choose?” Is simple - take a green or blue textile. But purple or blue curtains can lead to depression and apathy.

A curtain of energy can give yellow curtains. They will create the effect of filling the room with light. Red curtains also look spectacular, but their eyes are too tired.
Beige and light brown shades will create a feeling of security and confidence. Gray curtains will help to concentrate on work. The truth is not to choose a too dark gray shade, it will be oppressive.

Pink curtains will help to make the mood romantic and forget about the problems. White curtains will visually increase the space, give it lightness and airiness. But it should be remembered that the combination of white textile on the windows can make the room cold and uncomfortable.